• Bisla walked into a bar. And raised it.
  • KKR made it to finals just once; while CSK has not made it to the finals of IPL just once.
  • Dear Dhoni,
    "No Ball" doesn't mean "No Pepsi", it means, "No IPL 5 Cup"!
  • IPL 5 Play Offs:
    Chennai's Score: Petrol Price
    Mumbai's Score: Indian Rupees
  • Interesting cricketers names:
    Ravi Shas3;
    Mahendra Singh 2ni;
    100Rav Ganguly;
    Sachin 10Dulkar;
    VVS 1,00,000sMan;
  • "SRK banned from entering Wankhede"
    If MCA had its way, they would ban the whole KKR team from entering Wankhede for having made them bite the dust.