• Cricket: After watching new Indian openers continuous good perfomance, Sehwag and Gambhir uploaded their resume at naukri.com
  • India-Australia Test Series-2013
    Sri Sri Ravindra Jadeja taught Michael Clarke
    The Art Of 'LEAVING'!
  • 9 out of 10 times Ravi Shastri would say "9 out of 10 times".
  • India-Pak ODI series:
    India loses 1-2
    India's batsmen didn't do much; but Bharat's bowlers were excellent.
  • ODI Series loss against Pakistan:
    The lack of discipline and understanding in the Cricket Team is because it's a mixed team of Indians and Bharatwasis. One really doesn't as to which country one is playing for.
  • Yesterday's news of gangrape at Kolkata by 11 Pakistani found to be untrue; as no complaint was received against the accused. Being consenting adults, proceedings to be initiated due to indecent public behaviour as there was a live telecast and it took place in broad daylight in front of more than 90000 audience.
  • Now what will the Board of Corruption in Cricket in India say about us losing to Pakistan in such a gallant manner?
    ~ Suhel Seth
  • Another ghastly gangrape takes place, now in Kolkata. 11 Pakistanis are reportedly being held responsible for it.
  • Now the Indian crowd understands why they don't let Pakistani players play in IPL... they out shine the Indian players.
  • New Zealand, by getting all out against SA for 45 in the 1st innings of a Test match sets another benchmark for the Indian Cricket team.