• Girl: What do you usually do when I`m gone?
    Boy: Wait for you to come back.
  • Girl: You`re like a drug to me.
    Boy: Why, bcoz you're hooked to me?
    Girl: No, bcoz you're ruining my life.
  • If a guy is ugly, girls call him a stalker. If he is good-looking, they call him a secret admirer.
  • Boy: Can you just listen to me?
    Girl: What?
    Boy: I like you and I think there`s something missing in my hart.
    Girl: I think it's an `E`.
  • Break-up Style:
    Boy bought a gift for his girlfriend.
    Girl: What the hell would I do with this rocket?
    Boy: You wanted stars na?
    Now sit on it and GET LOST...
  • You wanna know who your true friends are? Screw up and see who's still there.
  • Boy: I wanna tell u something.
    Girl: It's not good to talk while eating.
    Girl: Now tell me.
    Boy: There was a cockroach in ur food.
  • A boy was teaching maths to a girl. He kissed her & then kissed her again & said, this is addition. Then the girl kissed him & said, this is subtraction. Then they kissed each other & said, this is multiplication. Suddenly the girl's dad came & beat the boy & threw him away & said this is called DIVISION.
  • 3 Ways to write exam:
    Look up for INSPIRATION;
    Look down for CONCENTRATION;
    Look around for INFORMATION.
  • I know you think I'm cute, I know you think I'm fine;
    But like the other guys, take a number and wait in line!