• Boy: Where are you going?
    Girl: To commit Suicide.
    Boy: Then, why so much of make-up?
    Girl: You Idiot! Tomorrow, my photo will come in the newspaper.
  • Height of conceit:
    A boy proposed to a gal.
    Gal: I can't accept your proposal but I salute your choice.
  • Open ur Books, close Facebook & start studying!
    Pl Note: The above stunts are performed by highly skilled & trained professionals.
  • When I was 17, I thought my parents were the most stupid people in the world. At 21, I was amazed at how much they had learnt in 4 years.
  • Girl: How much do you love me?
    Boy: Well, look at d stars & count them. That`s how much I love you.
    Girl: But it`s morning.
    Boy: Exactly.
  • BF: Babe what r u doing?
    GF Nothing much, really tired! Just going to sleep now, Honey. And you, Sweetheart?
    BF: In the club, standing behind you!
  • Modern breakup:
    A boyfriend threw 6 Cricket Balls at his girlfriend.
    Girlfriend Yelled: What`s that for?
    Boy: It`s Over.
  • Sweet Love:
    Boy: Can I hold ur hand?
    Girl: No.
    Boy: Why not?
    Girl: Bcoz it hurts when u leave it.
  • Boy: There're 21 alphabets, right?
    Girl: No, there're 26.
    Boy: Oh, yeah I forgot U,R,A,Q,T.
  • Girl: What do you usually do when I`m gone?
    Boy: Wait for you to come back.