• Preeto: Do you have a good memory for faces?<br />
Banta: Yes but why?<br />
Preeto: I just broke your shaving mirror.
    Preeto: Do you have a good memory for faces?
    Banta: Yes but why?
    Preeto: I just broke your shaving mirror.
  • Jeeto went to cash a cheque at a bank. The teller examined it, then asked, "Can you identify yourself?"
    Looking puzzled, Jeeto dipped into her handbag and pulled out a small mirror. She glanced into it for a moment and then smiled, "Yes, it's me all right".
  • Jeeto after reaching her destination told the cab driver, "Okay, here, here is good".
    Jeeto: How much is it?
    Driver: 250 Rupees.
    Then, after searching in her purse for a while, Jeeto said, "Could you please go back 500 meters? I have only 200 Rupees on me"!
  • While on a holiday, Jeeto realized that she had forgotten a present for Santa's birthday.
    "That's okay," he said, "The only thing I want is for you to love, honor and obedience".
    Jeeto pondered that idea and then replied, "I'd rather buy you a gift".
  • Jeeto texts Santa on a cold winter morning, "Windows frozen"! Santa texts back, "Pour some luke-warm water over it!"
    Jeeto texts back, "Computer completely f****d now!"
  • Preeto: How do u know when kids start to grow up?
    Jeeto: Girls grow up when they start to put lipstick and boys grow up when they start to wipe it off!
  • A doctor was really pissed off by the constant visits of Jeeto who wanted to lose some of her excess weight. She never showed any results as she couldn't diet or follow the exercise plan.
    Jeeto: How can I lose twelve pounds of ugly fat?
    Doctor: Cut your head off.
  • Jeeto: It's my bad luck that I married you. Otherwise lots of smart boys were interested in me.
    Santa: Of course they must have been smart, that's why they escaped from you.
  • Preeto: What's the difference between a horse's tail and a man's tie?
    Jeeto: The horse's tail covers up the entire asshole.
  • Jeeto: I was in a very generous mood today. I gave a poor beggar 500 rupees.
    Preeto: That's a lot of money to give away. What did your husband say about it?
    Jeeto: He said, "Thank you".