News and Politics SMS

Indian politicians at a glance.
Mulayam: Ladkon se Galti ho Jaati hai!
ND Tiwari: Galti se Ladke ho Jaate hein!
Rajat Sharma's interview of Modi:
Match fixing, spot fixing and now "Interview fixing"... Incredible India!
Why don't politicians like playing Golf?
Because it's too much like their work - trapped in one bad lie after another!
Manmohan Singh's wife may file a case against him for... "Domestic Silence"!
Indians are so incompetent that... rulers come from Italy and voters from Bangladesh!
PA: MJ is joining BJP.
RaGa: Michael Jackson is alive?
PA: Arre sir... MJ Akbar.
RaGa: So you mean, Akbar is alive?
Honesty in politics is much like oxygen - the higher a politician goes, the scarcer it becomes!
Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign with the funds from the rich, by promising to protect them from each other!
My bargain to my opponents.
If you stop telling lies about me;
I'll stop telling the truth about you!
1st phase of IPL 7 in UAE:
Please enjoy the matches... fixed toh Aapki Shadi bhi thi!


I've learned so much from my mistakes... I'm thinking of making a few more.


Leonardo da Vinci invented scissors.


Work in bakery if you knead dough.