• Rajat Sharma's interview of Modi:
    Match fixing, spot fixing and now "Interview fixing"... Incredible India!
  • Manmohan Singh's wife may file a case against him for... "Domestic Silence"!
  • Indians are so incompetent that... rulers come from Italy and voters from Bangladesh!
  • PA: MJ is joining BJP.
    RaGa: Michael Jackson is alive?
    PA: Arre sir... MJ Akbar.
    RaGa: So you mean, Akbar is alive?
  • Honesty in politics is much like oxygen - the higher a politician goes, the scarcer it becomes!
  • Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign with the funds from the rich, by promising to protect them from each other!
  • My bargain to my opponents.
    If you stop telling lies about me;
    I'll stop telling the truth about you!
  • 1st phase of IPL 7 in UAE:
    Please enjoy the matches... fixed toh Aapki Shadi bhi thi!
  • Bad representatives are elected by good citizens who do not vote!
  • Gujarat Govt. may discontinue "Kuchh Din To Gujaariye Gujarat Mein" campaign, after Arvind Kejriwal decides to canvass there!