• Now Mark Zuckerberg should take over Twitter to complete this WTF trilogy.
  • Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in on 28th December and he quit on 14th February. This, short burst belligerent period shall now be remembered as AK-47!
  • Azam Khan has bought a very expensive car. It is called "Mercedes Bhainz"!
  • I just want AAP's govt to last for at least six months. Not really for Delhi's development and improvement... but I just want to see whether this man removes his 'muffler' in the month of June!
  • Kejriwal is so honest that he went for DNA test before writing his dad's name on high school form!
  • Breaking News:
    Delhi world's most polluted city: Study
    Had to be... with all the politicians of India living in it!
  • PA: Sir, Kejriwal ne Paani free kar diya.
    Raga: Pata hai, 700 meter.
    PA: Sir, meter nahi liter.
    Raga: Lekin news thi ki meter se hi milega!
  • After seeing Rahul Gandhi's interview by Arnab Goswami, one may not know who will win but one can safely conclude for sure who's not gonna win!
  • Arvind Kejriwal likes Shakira's hips, because they don't lie!
  • The government has diverted the attention of the Indians from key issues to... checking the expiry date of 'Currency' notes!