• Kejriwal is so honest that he cooks Maggi noodles only for 2 minutes!
  • Dear Arvind Kejriwal,
    Stop doing such Nautankis... let the status quo of corruption continue as it is!
  • Dear Delhites,
    You are so lucky. You got to choose from Harshvardhan or Kejriwal... whereas we always get either Mayawati or Mulayam.
    Your Neighbours,
  • Now if AAP wants to make a stunning debut in Punjab, they should offer
    at least 70 litres free liquor every year!
  • Finally, Congress fulfills the promise made via a slogan in 2004 to the electorate:
    Congress ka Haath;
    Aam Aadmi ke Saath!
  • Everybody is running after "Name and Fame and Money".
    Arvind Kejriwal left all this for a cause... now "Name and Fame and Money are running after him!
  • Inflation is cutting money in half without damaging the paper!
  • Girl 1: Didi, Arvind Kejriwal ka SMS aaya hai, samajh nahin aa raha YES karun ya NO!
    Girl 2: Awww kar de!
  • Till now, we thought maids were only capable of creating confusion amongst ladies or neighbours. Two top democracies are now at loggerheads - courtesy confusion created by a maid!
  • Now, SP offers Devyani Khobragade a Lok Sabha ticket.
    Come on, she just committed a visa fraud. She's not that big a criminal!