• News: Blackberry Messenger on Android
    Another messenger to talk to the same people, it's like buying five remotes for the same TV!
  • Dear Indians,
    Due to the economic crisis, to save on energy costs the lights at the end of the tunnel will be switched off.
  • There was a time when people cried only while chopping onions... now they cry even while buying onions!
  • At one point, Vijay Mallya had piles of cash.
    Now the Cash has gone and only the Piles remain.
    This condition is medically called King Fissure!
  • Golden rule: If most of the politicians are against something, that thing must be good for the public!
  • Hoax News:
    Asaram is reported sick in jail.
    Probably, there is a shortage of Vitamin She!
  • Priyanka Gandhi: Dear, I need some space in our relationship.
    Robert Vadra: Ok dear, How about Sector 62 and 63 in NOIDA. I hope it is enough for you!
  • LK Advani once asked Aryabhata about his chances of becoming PM.
    That was the day when Aryabhata invented 'Zero'!
  • Who says "Friday the 13th" is nothing but a superstition.
    Delhi Rape Case culprits to be hanged.
    Sreesanth banned for life.
    LK Advani loses sight on PMship for good!
  • Simple rule - If there's a ministry for it, there'll be a scam in it!