• One party is supported by India Inc. Another is supported by

    India Ink!
  • With rising inflation, Ink has become the cheapest thing to throw on politicians replacing eggs, tomatoes and shoes!
  • Indians are progressing. Earlier, we used to throw shoes at politicians, now we have moved to Ink!
  • Ink throwing incident
    Kejriwal caught off-guard as he didn't have any ink-ling of the action!
  • The guy who threw ink on Arvind Kejriwal took "The pen is mightier than the sword" a bit too seriously!
  • Who is Amit Shah's favorite rapper?<br />
Snoop Dogg!
    Who is Amit Shah's favorite rapper?
    Snoop Dogg!
  • I can accept for 'Krrish 3', 'Dhoom 3', 'Golmaal 3' and even 'Ek Thi Daayan 3';
    But I cannot accept 'UPA 3' at any cost!
  • Open letter:
    Dear Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi,
    If you really have the intention to know about the problems of a common man... then the first thing you should do is "Get Married"!
    Commmon Man
  • Asaram is one of those lucky guys who can brag that his son "Narayan Prem Sai" went on him!
  • Breaking News:
    Confusion on gold digging resolved!
    The seer in Unnao clarified that he only wanted to sleep in the temple. He had said, "Mandir Mein Sona Hai"!