• If Army Chief was serious about acting against corruption, he should have informed Rakhi Sawant instead of reporting it to AK Antony.
  • Army chief offered Rs. 14-Crore bribe? Wow! This should be on the hoardings that advertise army as a career.
  • Army Chief was offered bribe. He informed government about this. Government said, "Don't worry, we'll take care of the bribe."
  • Good thing we invented zero; otherwise scams like Coalgate worth Rs. 10,700,000,000,000 would not have been possible.
  • 99% of politicians recommend Coalgate.
  • Dhanush knew about the scam far earlier. That is why he sang Kolaveri Kolaveri Di...
  • Congress chaps are into Coalgate , while BJP fellows are watching Close Ups!
  • A Porngate which involves dark skinned people is Coalgate!
  • No two people are the same. But Porngate and Coalgate has proved beyond doubt that all politicians are the same.
  • When it is said frequently that politicians are more open to the use of technology, they imply watching porn in Assembly on tablets.