• Instead of arresting Aseem Trivedi, the Government should arrest some of the cartoons administering the country!
  • There is a good chance that India's debt may attain junk status by March next year!
  • A Congress minister can be any device as long as it runs on the 'Gandhi' Operating System.
  • Q: What's the favorite childhood game of Mayawati and Manmohan Singh?
    A: 'Statue'! Maya crazy of building hers and MMS playing it.
  • The Congress would do much better party if Manmohan Singh speaks more and Digvijay Singh stays silent.
  • Manmohan Singh's term as PM would be remembered as the Golden Era since silence is golden!
  • What a lovely Combination!<br />
A Hindu President;<br />
A Muslim Vice President<br />
A Sikh Prime Minister<br />
A Christian Defence Minister<br />
And an Italian REMOTE!
    What a lovely Combination!
    A Hindu President;
    A Muslim Vice President
    A Sikh Prime Minister
    A Christian Defence Minister
    And an Italian REMOTE!
  • Dear MPs,
    I pay my taxes so you guys go to work and not that you walk out of your office, whenever you please.
    Yours sincerely,
    Citizen of India.
  • All 3 finalists of `Indian Idol 6` are from Punjab<br />
Devendra Pal<br />
Vipul Mehta<br />
Amit Kumar<br />
I am proud to be a Punjabi!
    All 3 finalists of "Indian Idol 6" are from Punjab
    Devendra Pal
    Vipul Mehta
    Amit Kumar
    I am proud to be a Punjabi!
  • Against Ashwin and Ojha, NZ batsmen are looking as clueless as CBI sleuths probing a corruption case against a politician.