• A Porngate which involves dark skinned people is Coalgate!
  • No two people are the same. But Porngate and Coalgate has proved beyond doubt that all politicians are the same.
  • When it is said frequently that politicians are more open to the use of technology, they imply watching porn in Assembly on tablets.
  • Breaking News: Sunny Leone caught watching Lok Sabha TV!
  • This Coalgate seems to be sponsored by Colgate to increase its toothpaste and shaving products demand.
  • After Internet Explorer, Bill Gates launches new version of browser known as Gates. It's very fast for watching videos but it gets corrupted easily.
  • BJP MLAs teach us how to respect our culture and heritage. We must respect Kamasutra and preserve Khajuraho temple's glory!
  • Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone seem to have a bright future in BJP. It's high time they quit Bollywood and enter Indian politics.
  • Indian wives do not let even powerful husbands like these BJP MLAs watch anything in peace at home.
  • Just another day in Assembly - Ministers sit back and watch as people get screwed.