• The Toilet Scam happened because the previous UP Governments forgot to flush their 'Shit'. Now it shall be a subject of 'Poopganda' for the opposition.
  • Toilet Scam: This is Netas defecating in public!
  • Toilet Scam: This scam stinks!
  • Toilet Scam in UP:
    2900 Crore Tax money down the drain!
  • Now a Toilet Scam:
    Let's hope the scams get flushed out from our corrupt system!
  • Toilet Scam:
    Whose shit is it any way?
    25% SC/ST, 9% OBC, 10% Minorities, 56% Rest. Should it be given a communal/casteist twist!
  • Toilet Scam in UP:
    Govt reply: We want them to feel to close to nature...
  • Now 'Toilet Scam': This one really stinks!
  • Scams come full circle: It started with the 'Fodder Scam' of Laloo and ends with the 'Toilet Scam'!
  • Toilet Humour is at its best in 'Toilet Scam' of Rs 2,900 crore on the web!