• Pappu: My girlfriend admitted to me that she's been cheating.
    Bunty: That's really sick.
    Pappu: Not really. I told her that as long as her teacher didn't notice it, she's fine!
  • Cat: Meow...
    Pappu: Meow...
    Cat: Meow Meow...
    Pappu: Meow Meow...
    Jeeto: Stop aping the cat!
    Pappu: No Mum, it's not like that. Actually, OMG! I speak cat!
  • Pappu to a girl, "There's something gorgeous about your eyes!"
    The girl starts blushing.
    Pappu: Oh, it's just my reflection!
  • To show off to his friends, Pappu took his girlfriend to a very posh restaurant.
    Pappu: What would you like to drink?
    Girlfriend: I guess I'll have a Champagne.
    Pappu: Guess again!
  • Teacher: How do you spell "crocodile"?
    Pappu: "K-R-O-K-O-D-A-I-L."
    Teacher: No, that's wrong.
    Pappu: Maybe it's wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.
  • Pappu: I love you!
    Girl: Shutup!
    Pappu: I like you!
    Girl: Shutup!
    Pappu: I miss you!
    Girl: Shutup!
    Pappu: You are really pretty!
    Girl: Really?
    Pappu: SHUTUP!
  • Pappu: I really can't believe the teenagers nowadays.
    Bunty: What happened?
    Pappu: I was in a temple, when a guy next to me lit a cigarette from the Aarti plate. I was so shocked, I almost dropped my Vodka bottle!
  • Girlfriend: Dear, it's my birthday tomorrow.
    Pappu: Happy birthday in advance!
    Girlfriend: What gift shall you give to me?
    Pappu: What do you want?
    Girlfriend: A 'Ring'.
    Pappu: I shall give you a 'Ring' but please don't pick it up as my balance is very less!
  • Teacher: Where's your homework?<br />
Pappu: I made it in to a paper plane and someone hijacked it!
    Teacher: Where's your homework?
    Pappu: I made it in to a paper plane and someone hijacked it!
  • Santa called his son, "Pappu, if you don't stop playing that trumpet, I think I'll go crazy".
    Pappu replied cheekily, "I think you are already, I stopped playing it half an hour ago!"