• Teacher: Pappu, tell about Newton's 3rd law of motion.
    Pappu: Ma'm, I know just the last part of it.
    Teacher: Tell me as much as you know.
    Pappu: And this is called Newton's 3rd law of motion!
  • Pappu returns from school and says he got an 'F' in Maths. 'Why?' asks his father?
    The teacher asked, "How much is 2x3 and I said 6, replies Pappu.
    Santa: But that's right!
    Yeah, but then she asked me, "How much is 3x2?", adds Pappu.
    "What's the f**king difference?" asks Santa.
    Pappu: That's what I said!
  • Pappu: Please get well soon!
    Bunty: Who are you talking to? I don't see anyone around.
    Pappu: I am talking to my 'grades'.
  • Pappu: My girlfriend has left me.
    Bunty: It's really sad. What's the reson for ditching you?
    Pappu: She says I am a compulsive gambler. I'd do anything to win her back.
  • Pappu: A girl said, "I love you" to me.
    Bunty: What did you say?
    Pappu: I said, we are so similar. Even "I love me".
  • Pappu: My girlfriend is like a fart.
    Bunty: Why do you say so?
    Pappu: She's not at all good looking; so whenever I am out in public, I never own her.
  • Pappu: What's green and has wheels?
    Bunty: Ummm! Don't know.
    Pappu: Grass, I lied about the wheels.
  • A well-built guy was fooling around with Pappu's girlfriend. Pappu entered into an altercation with him.
    Pappu: Are you serious?
    Guy: Yes, I am. What'll you do about it?
    Pappu: Nothing. It's just that I don't like pranks.
  • Girl: I think the poorest people are the happiest.
    Pappu: Then marry me, we will be the happiest couple.
  • Teacher: Tell me the longest sentence you can think of.
    Pappu: Life imprisonment!