• Pappu: I finally found the root of all my problems.
    Bunty: And if I may know, what's it?
    Pappu: My birth!
  • Pappu was stuck with his maths homework. "Grandpa', he pleaded, "could you help me with this?"
    "I could", replied his grandfather, "but it wouldn't be right, would it?"
    "I don't suppose it would, Grandpa", said Pappu, "but have a shot at it anyway".
  • Teacher: Do you know as to why did the World Wildlife Fund choose the giant panda as their symbol?
    Pappu: Because they did't have a colour printer!
  • Pappu: You should see my girl. She's beautiful as a mirage.
    Bunty: That's the wrong simile. A mirage is something you can see but can't get your hands on.
    Pappu: That's my girl!
  • Maths Teacher to Pappu, "If both of your parents were born in 1969, how old would they say they are now?"
    Pappu: That depends.
    Teacher: Depends on what?
    Pappu: Whether you're asking my father or my mother!
  • Pappu got lost at at an IPL game. He went up to police officer and said, "I've lost my dad".
    "What's he like?" asked the officer sympathetically.
    "Beer and women", said Pappu.
  • Pappu: My girlfriend says she wants me to be more like her Ex.
    Bunty: So what are you doing about it?
    Pappu: I am dumping her!
  • Pappu: My girlfriend admitted to me that she's been cheating.
    Bunty: That's really sick.
    Pappu: Not really. I told her that as long as her teacher didn't notice it, she's fine!
  • Cat: Meow...
    Pappu: Meow...
    Cat: Meow Meow...
    Pappu: Meow Meow...
    Jeeto: Stop aping the cat!
    Pappu: No Mum, it's not like that. Actually, OMG! I speak cat!
  • Pappu to a girl, "There's something gorgeous about your eyes!"
    The girl starts blushing.
    Pappu: Oh, it's just my reflection!