• Pappu: My girlfriend is like an iPad.
    Bunty: That's weird. But still, how?
    Pappu: I don't have an iPad.
  • Girl: How much do you love me?
    Pappu: My heart is my mobile and you are its SIM.
    Girl: Oh my God! I am so lucky.
    Pappu: Thank God, She doesn't know that mobile has dual SIMs.
  • Pappu: Since my girlfriend has gotten pregnant, a lot has changed.
    Bunty: Like?
    Pappu: Like my name, address and telephone number.
  • Pappu: I got stopped by a cop last night. The officer said, "Do you have a police record?"
    Bunty: Then what happened?
    Pappu: I said, "Yes, 'Walking on the Moon' from 1979".
  • Pappu: Ma'm, why did Gandhi Ji and Einstein had little or no hair on their head?
    Teacher: Because of intelligence.
    Pappu: No wonder, girls have such long hair!
  • Pappu: A woman was dating two men - a lawyer and a doctor. When the lawyer went on a business trip he got her a gift. What was it?
    Bunty: Dunno.
    Pappu: Obviously, an Apple.
  • Pappu: We are WTF Generation.
    Bunty: You must be. I am not.
    Pappu: Cool it. WTF stands for
    WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook!
  • Pappu, while fillng out an application form comes across a question, "If there's an emergency, notify ---". He asks Bunty as to what shall he fill in it.
    Bunty: Your parents' name.
    Pappu: Isn't it better if I put 'DOCTOR', what're my parents going to do?
  • Jeeto and Santa to Pappu, "We have been wanting to talk to you".
    Pappu: What's it?
    Parents: You have really become disobedient off late.
    Pappu: Mom and Dad, it's no being deal. Even I wanted to tell you that from now on, either it's my way or Norway!
  • Pappu: Will you go out with me?
    Girl: No.
    Pappu: Do you even know what I said?
    Girl: Yes.
    Pappu: What did I say then?
    Girl: Will you go out with me?
    Pappu: Sure.