• Pappu dropped his iPhone 5 in toilet and started crying. Suddenly, the toilet goddess came and offered him a golden iPhone 5.
    Pappu tried to be modest and said, "I need my own iPhone 5 not the gold one".
    The goddess replied, "Stupid, it's the same. Just clean it"!
  • Pappu to his girlfriend before taking off to a drive-in-movie,
    "Let's hope it's something we've seen"!
  • Pappu: I love you!
    Girl: Phurrrr...
    Pappu: I'll even die for you.
    Girl: Phurrrr...
    Pappu: I can't live without you.
    Girl: Phurrrr...
    Pappu: I even bought a diamond ring for you.
    Girl: Really?
    Pappu: Phurrrrr...
  • In an examination hall, a girl asked Pappu, "Please tell me the beginning of the answer, rest I shall write myself?"
    Pappu checked the location of the invigilator and then whispered to her, 'The'!
  • Teacher: Tell me the name of any Microsoft Product?
    Bunty: MS Excel
    Lucky: MS Word
    Bittu: MS Powerpoint
    Pappu after thinking a lot, "MS Dhoni"!
  • Girl: I need Google in my brain and antivirus in my heart.
    Pappu: And Photoshop on your face!
  • A teacher sent a note to Pappu's mother:
    "Sincere and bright boy but spends too much time with girls."

    Jeeto sent a note back:
    "Please advise solution, father has same problem!"
  • Pappu to Bunty, "If your dad is angry with you and asks, Do I look stupid? don't answer him".
    Bunty: Why?
    Pappu: I learnt it the hard way.
  • Pappu and his girlfriend had a very heated arguement.
    Girl: Delete my number.
    Pappu: Just chill. It was never ever saved!
  • Pappu: I finally found the root of all my problems.
    Bunty: And if I may know, what's it?
    Pappu: My birth!