• Why is there less crime in South India as compared to other parts of India?
    Better Policing?
    So simple, it's Rajinikanth!
    Dubara Mat Puchhna...
  • Rajinikanth in Tamil remake of Aamir Khan's Ghulam:
    Rajini runs on a railway track. The train is at a distance of one meter.
    So what happens?
    Obviously the train jumps off the track!
  • 12-12-12. Rajinikanth turns 62 today.<br />
Dear Birthday,<br />
Happy Rajinikanth to you!
    12-12-12. Rajinikanth turns 62 today.
    Dear Birthday,
    Happy Rajinikanth to you!
  • At the site of an active volcano:
    New geologist: I just saw Rajinikanth covered in towel pass by me.
    Old geologist: Yeah, he comes here evey weekend.
    New geologist: What for? And that too in a towel?
    Old geologist: For a sauna bath inside the hot steaming volcano.
  • Breaking News:
    Rajinikanth died in the morning.
    However, he is fine now.
  • "Gangnam Style" is the result of Rajinikanth once practising horse riding for a shot in the movie, without a horse.
  • New Incredible India commercial:<br />
Rajinikanth Inside!
    New Incredible India commercial:
    Rajinikanth Inside!
  • Sudden declaration of Ajmal Kasab's hanging:
    Instead of crediting dengue or rejection of the mercy petition, even Rajinikanth's role should be investigated!
  • A missile was sent by Pakistan to Kargil. Rajinikanth stopped it at the border!
  • Rajinikanth can whistle in 5 different languages!