• A moron always has other morons who think he's clever.
  • The difference between a husband and a lover is day and night.
  • The best hands to depend on are the ones at the end of your rolled-up sleeves.
  • If someone conducts himself well, then can he be declared as good Conductor!
  • First, a politician talks through his hat - then he throws it in the ring.
  • No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationary.
  • Lawyers have feelings, too. Allegedly!
  • Drugs don't ruin your career. Drugs tests do.Upload to Facebook
    Drugs don't ruin your career. Drugs tests do.
  • I can hear music coming from my printer. I think the paper's jamming again.
  • There's a shortage of truth because we're running out of it.