• For diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible ,and no one can now doubt the word of America.
    ~ George W. Bush
  • Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock.
    ~ Will Rogers
  • Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.
    ~ Sir Isaac Newton
  • It is a principle of diplomacy that one must know something of the truth in order to lie convincingly.
    ~ Tom Clancy
  • Diplomacy and virtue do not make easy companions.
    ~ Iain Pears
  • As I said to Speedicut, it's hell in the diplomatic.
    ~ George MacDonald Fraser
  • In the end, the work of diplomats continues even while others fight. So,it's not necessarily true that everyone needs to march.
    ~ David Brin
  • Diplomacy never works.
    ~ Nadia Scrieva
  • I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.Upload to Facebook
    I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.
    ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but at least I'm blunt!
    ~ Kelly Osbourne