• I'm fairly in control and I don't like to flirt particularly. I mean, obviously if I meet someone who I think is hot, of course I'll want to flirt with him, But in general I don't use it in day-to-day life.
    ~ Shirley Manson quotes
  • College inspired me to think differently. It's like no other time in your life. To have a man who can flirt is next thing to indispensable to a leader of society.
    ~ Larisa Oleynik quotes
  • I don't flirt and I don't play the people that I'm meeting with.
    ~ Sherilyn Fenn quotes
  • There are times not to flirt. When you're sick. When you're with children. When you're on the witness stand.
    ~ Joyce Jillson quotes
  • You know, I'm not really any good at working out when people are flirting with me. And I think I'm too flirtatious with people I'm trying not to flirt with! What I am good at is making people feel uncomfortable. I don't want to but it always ends up happening!
    ~ Josh Hartnett quotes
  • Some women flirt more with what they say, and some with what they do.
    ~ Anna Held quotes
  • I used to flirt with girls just to get the guys circling around us. I'm getting out of it now. I have to look after my reputation.
    ~ Katie Price
  • One of the best parts of growing older? You can flirt all you like since you've become harmless.
    ~ Liz Smith quotes
  • I know that I'm a flirt. They tell me everyday. They love them shy boys who lives out of their way.
    ~ Aaron Fresh quotes
  • Flirt with him enough to show your interest but tease him enough to make him chase you.
    ~ Anonymous