• Friends are like condoms; they protect you when things get hard.
  • You know it's always business doing pleasure with you
  • I am skilled at the art of love. I just wish I had a bigger paintbrush
  • I'm definitely claustrophobic. I have a morbid fear of tight spaces. Thankfully, with my girlfriend, I'll never have a problem with that
  • Never dance naked because the body has parts that do not stop moving when the music stops.
  • Hi. I'm an astronaut, and my next mission is to explore Uranus.
  • Make love not war because Condoms are cheaper than Guns!
  • Without nipples, breasts would be pointless.
  • It is good for girl to meet boy in park, but better for boy to park meat in girl
  • I think my girlfriend has had sixty-one boyfriends before me. She calls me her sixty second lover.
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