• Q: What do a clitoris, an anniversary and a toilet have in common?
    A: Men usually miss them.
  • When a bomb goes off in the middle of a herd of cows, there will be udder destruction.
  • Whenever I'm not spending my time being awesome. I spend it being fucking awesome.
  • Q: What's the similarity between a man and an uppercase Q?
    A: They're both big fat zeroes with little dicks hanging off them.
  • Q: What's hard, long, and has cum in it?
    A: A cucumber.
    But I like the way you think!
  • There was this Eskimo girl who spent a night with her boyfriend and the next morning found out that she was six months pregnant.
  • Q: How do you tell an old man?
    A: It isn't hard.
  • Q: Why are men like a toothbrush?
    A: Bcoz they are useless without a handle.
  • Skinny = Anorexic<br />
Thick = Obese<br />
Virgin = Too good<br />
Non-virgin = Slut<br />
Friendly = Fake<br />
Quiet = Rude<br />
One can never please the society.
    Skinny = Anorexic
    Thick = Obese
    Virgin = Too good
    Non-virgin = Slut
    Friendly = Fake
    Quiet = Rude
    One can never please the society.
  • Q: Why do girls like to date Basketball players?
    A: Bcoz they dribble a lot before shooting.