• Premature Ejaqueuelation:<br/>
Money getting over before you reach the beginning of the ATM queue!Upload to Facebook
    Premature Ejaqueuelation:
    Money getting over before you reach the beginning of the ATM queue!
  • Govt. has just issued directive and limit for ladies to keep Rs.100 note in their bras as per their size.
    Any lady violating the limit will be prosecuted.
    Bra size 26: 4 notes
    28-32: 6-8 notes
    34-36: 10-15 notes
    36-40: 25-35 notes
    Above 40: 45 notes + You can give commercial service to public for storage.
    Service tax applicable as per norms!
  • Most ladies will have to change their bra sizes from 34B to 38D to accommodate 100 Rs notes!
  • If Indians had realized the importance of withdrawal at the right time... there wouldn't be so much of a crowd in banks today!
  • Trump was like porn. Everybody liked and watched but nobody admitted in pre-polls!
  • Ek Sunar Ki Biwi Ko 101 Ladkiyan Thi. Media Wale Unke Ghar Pahunch Gaye.
    Reporter: Behen Kya Ye 101 Ladkiyan Aap Ki Hain? Aurat: Nahi, 100 Sunar Ki 1 Lohar Ki!
  • Ladka: Kash Main Tera Blouse Hota, To Sara Din Tere Se Chipka Rehta.
    Ladki: Fir Saara Maza Koi Aur Leta Aur Tu Khidki Pe Tanga Jhool Raha Hota!
  • A girl, in half a second, will look at your watch, your shoes, your ring fingers and make a decision...
    while you're still looking at her boobs!
  • It is said that if your palms are itching, you'll get money.
    If your toes are itching, you'll get new shoes.
    And if your privates are itching....
    Don't fool yourself that you will travel to Bangkok.
    Go see a Doctor!
  • As I slipped my finger slowly inside her hole... I could immediately feel it getting wetter and wetter. I took my finger back out and within seconds she was going down on me.
    "I really need a new fucking boat" I thought to myself!