• Husband asks is angry wife for sex.
    Wife: Fuck off, I don't want to see your face.
    Husband: Neither do I, let's do it doggy style!
  • Just how deep is the average vagina actually?
    Deep enough for a man to lose his house, his car,his dog and half of all his savings and assets!
  • Did you hear about the truck loaded with Viagra got stolen?
    They don't know who did it, but they are looking for a bunch of hardened criminals!
  • A man went to a garment shop to buy a bra for his wife.
    The salesgirl asked, "Sir, you want Capitalistic, Socialistic or Democratic bra?"
    The man, as any husbands only knew to unhook, nothing more, so he asked, "What are they?"
    Sales girl: Sir... Capitalistic suppresses the masses.
    Socialistic uplifts the downtrodden.
    Democratic makes mountains out of molehills!
  • Lyrics of "Aankhein Khuli Ho Ya Band, Deedar Unka Hota Hai" might have been written while masturbating!
  • A doctor had a fight with his wife.
    Angry wife took revenge by eating an apple every night!
  • Men like Women's Bodies & Women like Men's Brains and they Both end up Fucking what they Like!
  • How do you make your wife scream while having sex?<br/>
Call her and tell her!Upload to Facebook
    How do you make your wife scream while having sex?
    Call her and tell her!
  • Kisi Haraami Ko Pucha Geya: What is Masturbation?
    Woh Bola: Apne Hi Land Ko Chutiya Banana!
  • Girlfriend: 🌙🔨👣?
    Boyfriend: Behnchod, Ab Ye Kya Hai?
    Girlfriend: Raat Ko Thokne Aaoge Na?