• There are only 5 things that one needs in life:
    Good Food
    Good Sleep
    Good Income
    Good Friends
    And Good *UCK! (your interpretation may vary according to your needs)
  • Santa: I can't believe YouPorn has a '+1' button on their videos.
    Banta: So what's the big deal?
    Santa: I can't have my friends and family know that I actually use Google Plus!
  • Stupidity is never attractive. If you can't turn a woman's brain on, you'll never get her panties off!
  • Q: Why do blonde females never swim on their belly?
    A: When they feel something wet, they turn on their back!
  • Advice to Women by a Skin Specialist:
    Always go out without wearing a BRA!
    Nobody will notice the wrinkles on your face & dark circles under your eyes!
  • Banta: A Nude Female Bike Rally took place in UK to bring about awareness about the environment.
    Santa: Here, nobody is really concerned about the environment. I wonder what'll happen to our country!
  • If you don't get a good appraisal inspite of giving your best, don't be disheartened. Even condoms are thrown away after 100% result oriented performance.
  • Q: If a married woman is called Polo - The mint with a hole; then what's an unmarried woman called?
    A: Center Fresh!
  • Pappu: Are you cold?
    Girlfriend: Yes.
    Pappu: You want a jacket?
    Girlfriend: Sure.
    Pappu: Well, not here. You can jack it when we get back to my room!
  • A daughter-in-law and mother-in-law were engaged in a verbal spat.
    Mother-in-law: I have carried him for 9 months.
    Daughter-in-law: Only 3.5 kgs? I carry him every night and he weighs 80 kgs now.