• Why don'y the blondes wear red lipstick?
    Because 'Red' means stop!
  • Q: What did the blondes father say to his blonde daughter?
    A: If your not in bed by 11, come home.
  • Why did a blonde woman lose her job as a cattle herder?
    She couldn't keep her calves together!
  • What's the difference between a blonde and a solar powered calculator?
    The blonde works in the dark!
  • Why did the blonde fail her driving test?
    It's because every time the car stopped, she jumped into the back seat!
  • Gynecologist: Relax, Madam. Haven't you ever been examined like this before?
    Blonde: Yes, but not by a doctor.
  • A guy was lying in bed with his blonde girlfriend when she said, "I think my boobs are too small, I'm going to get a boob job".
    "Hmm," the guy replied, "My hands are too small... what do you think I should do?"
    Blonde: Do you want a hand job?

    Both're happily married to each other!
  • A stunning blonde went to see her doctor.
    "Miss Tracy Johnson, how can I help you?" asked the doctor.
    "It's my memory doctor, I can't remember a thing five minutes after I've done it", said Tracy.
    "Just take off all your clothes and lie down". said the doctor.
  • How does the blonde turn on the light after she has had sex?
    She opens the car door!
  • Why do blondes drive cars with sunroofs?<br />
More leg room!
    Why do blondes drive cars with sunroofs?
    More leg room!