• Q: What do you get when a naked blonde does a handstand?
    A: A brunette with a bad breath.
  • Q: What did the blonde customer say to the buxom waitress after reading her name tag?
    A:'Debbie'...that's cute. What did you name the other one?
  • Q: Why does a blond need a triangle coffin?
    A: Because everytime their head hits a pillow, their legs spread.
  • This guy has been sitting in a bar all night, staring at a blonde girl wearing the tightest jeans he's ever seen.
    Finally, his curiosity gets the best of him. So he walks over and asks the blonde, "How do you get into those jeans?"
    The young girl looks at him over and replies, "Well, you could start by buying me a drink".
  • A blonde, suffering from sore throat, goes to see the doctor. He asks her to sit down.
    He gets out his torch and says, "Open wide".
    "I can't, the chair's fitted with arms", replied the blonde.
  • Q: Why does a blonde wear a tight skirt?
    A: To keep here legs closed.
  • A blonde walked into a hardware store, picked up the hinges she was looking for, and went to go pay for them.
    The clerk asked her, "Need a screw for those hinges?"
    "No, but how about a blow job for the shovel in the back?"
  • One blonde to her blonde friend, "I took a pregnancy test".
    Her blonde friend asks, "And were the questions difficult?"
  • A blonde and her boyfriend were sitting at home one night and became bored. "Hey, let's play a game" she said.
    "What game?" was his bored reply.
    "Let's play hide'n'seek. I'll give you a blow-job if you can find me."
    "What if I can't find you?"
    "I'll be behind the piano", replies the blonde.
  • Did you hear about the blonde lesbian? She kept having affairs with men!