• Salman Khan is a Virgin:
    Bapu Asaram behind bars on rape charge
    India going through an interesting phase. Middle aged men are confessing their virginity and old ones are going through potency test!
  • Paul Walker Car Crash:
    How ironical!
    An actor of car racing movie series dies in a car accident.
    I really wonder how Sunny Leone will die!
  • Do you know why Mr. India never went to prostitutes?
    Because he was afraid he'd be seen in the red light areas!
  • The movie Madrass Cafe is on Rajiv Gandhi;
    Satyagraha is on Anna Hazare;
    And Grand Masti is on Asaaram Bapu!
  • If Amitabh is onLINE, is he onREKHA!
  • Positive thought for the day:
    In life, whenever you are losing self control... just think of Sunny Leone's cameraman!
  • Sunny Leone Ke Sabhi Bhaiyon Ko Raksha Bandhan Ki Hard Dick Badhai!
  • Shahid Kapoor must have rejected "Grand Masti" because he must have thought that the letter 'r' is unnecessarily added to the title!
  • No If, No But - Only Jat!
    ~ Sunny Deol

    Yes Tits, Yes Butts - Only Fatafat!
    ~ Sunny Leone
  • Had Gabbar been intelligent, he would have killed Thakur by sending him free porn movies!