• Sex is evil,
    Evil is sin,
    Sin is forgiven,
    So stick it in.
  • Luv is a sensation that is caused by temptation. The boy puts his location in the girl's destination. Do u get my explanation or wanna free demonstration?
  • Old chinese proverb says: "Man with erection walking through door sideways is always going to Bangkok."
  • MEN-opause, MEN-strual pain, MEN-tal illness, GUY-necologist, HIS-terectomy. Ever noticed how women's problems start with men??
  • Sex is good sex is funny many people fuck for money but if you think sex is funny then fuck yourself and safe your money.
  • Bride's Dad hands a note to the groom: 'Goods delivered are not returnable.'
    Groom gave another note back to father: 'Contract void if seal is broken.'
  • He met a lady while browsing. She unzipped his dotcom when downloading. Since he was virus free he slotted his floppy disk into her hotmail she screamed yahoo!
  • Man: May l hv some condoms please. I'm giving my gal a gift tonight.
    Clerk: Shall I gift wrap them?
    Man: No, the condoms will serve as a wrapper for the gift.
  • Sex is good, sex is fine.
    doggy style or 69,
    just 4 fun or getting paid,
    everyone loves getting laid,
    so if u want me in the sack,
    lick ur lips n text me back.
  • Flies spread disease - keep yours zipped.
    Flies spread disease - keep yours zipped.