• Sex is fun. sex is fine,
    Doggy style or 69,
    Just 4 fun or getting paid,
    Everyone loves getting laid,
    So if u want me in the sack,
    Just lick ur lips & text me back.
  • God created the world in SIX days, but took him centuries to come up with someone...
    as HOT...
    as SEXY...
    as Fuckable...
    as YOU!
  • You are cute, you are adorable, sexy, n great,
    Now I broke the ice, would you like to mate?
  • Sex is good, sex is fine. Doggy style or 69. Just 4 fun or getting paid, everyone loves getting laid. So if u want me in the sack, lick ur lips n text me back.
  • Are mice giving you trouble?
    Than you must have a good pussy!
  • I'm a bit shy...I'd like to have sex with you; you do not have to say yes, just smile to me!
  • Do you know that you would look great with two pounds less ... in my opinion those clothes weigh exactly two pounds!
  • Ur my Funny, Understanding, Cute, Kind, Intelligent, Naughty, Great, Sweet, Honest, Independent, Truthful friend in short u r my F.U.C.K.I.N.G S.H.I.T. friend.
  • Feeling bored? Think of me.
    Feeling sad? Call me.
    Feeling lonely? See me.
    Feeling horny? Use ur hand & njoy the art of messaging.
  • I hereby place u under arrest 4 violating code 069 distracting public with ur xtreme good looks & sex appeal. Remain silent & report 2 my bedroom.