• The sexy secretary walked into her boss's office and said, "I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you."
    "Why do you always have to give me bad news?" he complained. "Tell me some good news for once."
    "Alright, here's some good news," said the secretary. "You aren't sterile!"
  • A box of Viagra was stolen from a medical store. The police are now on the lookout for 'hardened' criminals!
  • A French and a British gynaecologist were chatting.
    French: Just last week there was this woman, her clitoris was like a melon.
    Britisher: That's a lie, she wouldn't be able to walk if it was.
    French: You Britishers always talk about size; I was talking about the taste!
  • There are 3 things in life that cause unnecessary problems when they break:
  • Q: Why are babies so fragile?
    A: They are put together with one screw.
  • Q: If Tennis players get tennis elbow, and Squash players get squash knees, what do gynaecologists get?
    A: Tunnel vision.
  • Father: My 5 yrs. old son is very naughty. He made all our female servants pregnant.
    Dr: How?
    Father: He took a pin and punched holes on all my Condoms.
  • A gal was towelling her wet pussy. She enjoyed it and started rubbing it vigourosly until the pussy cried meow and ran away.
    Be kind to animals and cleanse your thoughts!
  • An elderly couple went to the clinic and asked to be tested for HIV. When the counselor asked why they felt that they should be tested at their age, the old man said, "Well, we heard on TV that people should be tested after annual sex"!
  • Q: Why does a woman have two pair of lips?
    A: One is for fighting and the other is to make up!