• What is the definition of Trust?
    Two cannibals giving each other a blow job.
  • If a bomb bursts in a bra, what would you get?
    And if it bursts in a man's underwear?
    Banana split.
  • Q: What is the difference between a priest and a homosexual?
    A: The way they say ahhhh-men.
  • Latest porn releases:
    Shaving Private Ryan
    Position Impossible
    As Big As It Gets
    Forest Hump
    Riding Miss Daisy
    Starwhores and
  • After a certain age, men & women become like Christmas trees.
    The balls and bells are hanging only for decoration only.
    Enjoy your age before its too late.
    Merry Christmas!
  • MBBS Professor: Sperm is made of Glucose. It's the same material sugar is made of.
    A girl raised her hand and asked, "Then why doesn't it taste like Sugar?
    The Professor's reply was a medical masterpiece, "That's because the taste buds are located on the tip of your Tongue; and not at the end of your Throat.
  • What does a burnt pizza, frozen beer and a pregnant girl have in common?
    In each scenario, there was an IDIOT who didn't take it out in time!
  • One of my 5 boyfriends slept with another girl.
    I'll never trust men again!
  • Q: How do bankers/wealth managers/share brokers/financial consultants/insurance relationship managers and lawyers say "Fuck you"?
    A: Sir, Trust me!
  • Daughter: Dad, I'm a lesbian.
    Dad: Okay it's cool.
    2nd Daughter: Dad, I'm a lesbian, too!
    Dad: WTF?! Doesn't anybody in this family love dick.
    Son: I do.