• Santa: If I sleep with your best friend, what will be the first thought to cross your mind?
    Jeeto: That you are gay.
  • Jeeto: I can't believe, you go to a prostitute for sex!
    Santa: What do I do when you don't like sex?
    Jeeto: It's your fault, you never told me you can pay for sex!
  • Jeeto sat quietly and watched as robbers took away everything from her house.
    As thy were Leaving, she cried out:
    O hello!
    What about the RAPE?
  • Santa: Honey, why is the broken condom lying on the sofa?
    Tense Jeeto, "Where?"
    Then she goes out to check and returns.
    Jeeto: For god sake, stop calling our son a broken condom.
  • Doctor: Your knees are all blistered!
    Jeeto: Coz of doggy style.
    Doctor: Can't you do it any other style?
    Jeeto: Oh, I can, but the dog can't!
  • Preeto: It's hard to be good.<br />
Jeeto: Yes. If it's not hard, it isn't any good.
    Preeto: It's hard to be good.
    Jeeto: Yes. If it's not hard, it isn't any good.
  • After Banta and Preeto got married, Preeto was at the drug store looking at the men's toiletries. A store assistant comes up to help her and asks if she needs any assistance.
    "I'm looking for some deodorant for my husband, but I don't know what type he uses".
    Store Assistant: Is it the ball type?
    Preeto: It's for his underarms.
  • Jeeto says to the psychiatrist, "I think I might be a nymphomaniac".
    Doctor: I'll see what I can do to help you. My fee is 500 rupees an hour.
    Jeeto: How much for the whole night?
  • Jeeto: Kiss me, Doctor.
    Doctor: I can't. We, doctors have an ethics standard that doesn't allow us to kiss our patients. In fact, I really shouldn't even be fucking you!
  • Preeto: Why are men become smarter during sex?
    Jeeto: Because they are plugged into a genius.