• There was a young girl named Sapphire;
    Who succumbed to her lover's desire.
    She said, "It's a sin;
    But now that it's in,
    Could you shove it a few inches higher?"
  • There once was a young man named Gene;
    Who invented a screwing machine.
    Concave and convex,
    It served either sex,
    And played with itself in between.
  • There was a young poof from Khartoum;
    Who took a lesbian up to his room;
    They argued all night;
    About who had the right;
    To do what, with which and to whom.
  • To his bride, said the sharp-eyed detective,
    "Can it be that my eyesight's defective?
    Is your east tit the least bit
    the best of your west tit,
    or is it a trick of perspective?"
  • There was a young man from Kentuckett,
    whose cock was so long he could suck it.
    Said he with a grin,
    wiping spunk off his chin,
    "If my ear was a cunt I could fuck it"
  • There was an old man from Peru;
    Who fell asleep in his canoe;
    While dreaming of Venus;
    He played with his penis;
    And awoke in a boat full of goo!
  • Said a nun as the bishop withdrew,
    "This must be our final adieu,
    for the vicar is slicker,
    and thicker and quicker,
    and two inches longer than you."
  • There was a young plumber of Leigh,
    was plumbing a maid by the sea.
    Said the maid: 'Cease your plumbing,
    I think someone's coming.'
    Said the plumber, still plumbing: 'It's me.'
  • There once was a man from east Kent,
    whose tool was incredibly bent,
    so to save himself trouble,
    he put it in double,
    and instead of coming he went!
  • On the chest of a barmaid at Yale;<br />
Were tattooed the prices of ale;<br />
And on her behind;<br />
For the sake of the blind;<br />
Was the same information in Braille!
    On the chest of a barmaid at Yale;
    Were tattooed the prices of ale;
    And on her behind;
    For the sake of the blind;
    Was the same information in Braille!