• News: Nigerian Parliament has turned its back to gays.
    Common sense says it's not exactly a good idea!
  • Can one sell used condoms on olx.in because they claim that one can sell anything on OLX!
  • Q: Why was Monica Lewinsky different from other Americans?
    A: When other Americans want some dick in the White House, they just vote.
  • Those who believe Rahul Gandhi will solve India's problems are the very same people who believe that the "Axe deo" will get them laid.
  • Breaking News:
    The British empire has successfully colonized Kate Middleton's uterus.
  • Breaking News:
    Kate Middleton Pregnant
    She says that she'll keep attending the royal balls.
  • Ajmal Kasab expecting a rendezvous with 100 virgins after his hanging. Hope they are all virgin gay men waiting to screw him.
  • President Obama's re-election proved it that "Once you go black, you can't go back!"
  • What's the difference between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya?
    Richard Branson's airline is 'Virgin' but Vijay Mallya's airline is 'Screwed'.
  • Hey Ladies,
    Just a reminder to take the batteries out of your vibrator & put them back into your flashlight!
    Hurricane Sandy