• Ajmal Kasab expecting a rendezvous with 100 virgins after his hanging. Hope they are all virgin gay men waiting to screw him.
  • President Obama's re-election proved it that "Once you go black, you can't go back!"
  • What's the difference between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya?
    Richard Branson's airline is 'Virgin' but Vijay Mallya's airline is 'Screwed'.
  • Hey Ladies,
    Just a reminder to take the batteries out of your vibrator & put them back into your flashlight!
    Hurricane Sandy
  • Hurricane Sandy:
    All hunks/chicks named 'Sandy' are having a tough time with their partners. "Honey, why can't you come like that?"
  • Why was Iraq war like anal sex?
    1. It was an invasion you couldn't see.
    2. It was painful without oil.
    3. No way you could see the Bush.
  • Gayle lays Aussies on the pitch and Brits in the bedroom.
  • Vibrations due to Volkswagen Audio Ad in Times of India:
    Dear girls, carrying today's Bombay Times to the bathroom sends out a wrong signal.
  • News: Indian MPs exchange blows inside parliament
    ‎Watch out Sunny Leone- Now even the Politicians also have a new job in blows.
  • SMS limit increased by TRAI to 20. Phew, now more time to flirt instead of asking women to text naked pictures directly.