• Why was Iraq war like anal sex?
    1. It was an invasion you couldn't see.
    2. It was painful without oil.
    3. No way you could see the Bush.
  • Gayle lays Aussies on the pitch and Brits in the bedroom.
  • Vibrations due to Volkswagen Audio Ad in Times of India:
    Dear girls, carrying today's Bombay Times to the bathroom sends out a wrong signal.
  • News: Indian MPs exchange blows inside parliament
    ‎Watch out Sunny Leone- Now even the Politicians also have a new job in blows.
  • SMS limit increased by TRAI to 20. Phew, now more time to flirt instead of asking women to text naked pictures directly.
  • Reporter: Was Monica lying?
    Bill Clinton: No, she was on her knees.
  • Most of us worry about getting AIDS from sex:
    But Bill Clinton worried about getting sex from his aides.
  • Similarity between Bill Clinton and a Carpenter - one screw in the wrong place and the whole cabinet falls apart.
  • Petrol pumps have decided to play porn movies.
    At least, the customers shall feel better watching someone else also also getting screwed!