• Pappu once asked his teacher, "Do hearts have legs?". The teacher answered, "Why do you ask that?"
    Pappu replied, "Yesterday, I heard my dad said to our neighbour, 'Sweetheart, open your legs'."
  • Pappu: I'm bored.
    GF: How can I help, babe?
    Pappu: Tell me a joke.
    GF: Your condom broke last night.
    Pappu: You're joking, right?
  • Teacher: What can three men do that two women can't?
    Pappu: Piss in a pot at the same time.
  • Teacher: What is the difference between a cat and kitten?
    Pappu: A cat scratches and claws, but a little Pussy never hurt anyone.
  • Teacher: What's 69 and 69?
    Pappu: Dinner for four.
  • Teacher: If mosquitoes cause malaria and a tick causes lime disease, what causes AIDS?
    Pappu: Asshoppers