• Once Rajinikanth sent a Non-Veg joke to an innocent girl. Today that girl is known by the name of
    Sunny Leone!
  • Frustrated Rajinikanth:
    It's really height of personal attack by saying that I can screw without a dick!
  • A journalist asked Rajinikanth, "What do you have to say on Gang Rape?"
    Rajinikanth replied, "It should be fun! I've never raped a gang!"
  • Rajinikanth does not wear a condom because there's no such thing as protection from Rajinkanth!
  • Once a girl lost her virginity.
    However, Rajinikanth found it and gave it back to her!
  • Rajinikanth's 4th law of Motion:
    If you run around a tree (having 1 meter diameter) @ speed of light , you can see your own ass.
  • Once Rajinikanth had a fight with his wife, he showed her his middle finger & she became pregnant.