• The vagina and the eye are self-cleaning organs
  • A survey in Cosmopolitan magazine said that foreplay usually last 14 to 17 minutes for the average married couple, and that the man typically reaches orgasm after six minutes of copulation
  • The average male member in all its glory is six inches long and five inches in circumference
  • An American urologist once bought Napoleon's penis for $40,000
  • One in three men cheats on his partner, as opposed to one in four women. Only 28% of female cheaters get caught
  • Most giraffes are bisexual
  • The average time that a man lasts after penetration is two minutes
  • Bats have sex in the air while flying
  • Erect giraffe penises are four feet long
  • Chinese lovers, before the days of Mao, were most fond of sex with fowl
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