• Chinese authorities had to clamp down on people hiring Strippers to perform at Funerals!
  • Prostitutes in Spain must wear reflective vests! The women have been told by the government that these garments must be worn to reduce accidents and be visible to traffic.
  • In Jamaica, an erotic dance called "daggering" was banned from TV after causing broken penises! Daggering is an erotic dance where couples simulate dry sex in different positions to the beat of the music.
  • Male model Andrej Pejic was FHM's 98th sexiest WOMAN.
  • Men can get rid on an erection by sitting down and flexing their thigh muscles repeatedly.
  • There's a medical condition that makes women pass feces through their vagina.
  • Tijuana Bibles were underground pornographic comics made between the 20s and 60s. Their popularity was at its height during the Great Depression.
  • After a woman has a baby, she can remain free of the risk of pregnancy so long as she breastfeeds her child. This happens because of the amount of hormones in her body. The act of breastfeeding naturally changes a woman’s hormones to not allow ovulation.
  • 1% of women can have an orgasm completely through breast stimulation.
  • Egyptian women would insert stones into their vagina to prevent pregnancy.
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