• South Koreans must enter their national ID number to access internet adult content!
  • 25% of Swedish women have had sex with more than fifty men.
  • Humans, on an average, spend 2 years of their life making love.
  • To crack down on gays in the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a special unit in 1919, that performed oral sex on men in order to out the gay ones.
  • Masanobu Sato of Japan went on for 9 hours and 57 minutes continually masturbating at the annual Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco.
  • Between 0.4 and 6% of women have an extra breast!
  • An elephant's penis can grow four to five feet long.
  • John Harvey Kellogg declared a 'war on masturbation' at the end of the 19th century, which sparked an 'anti-masturbation hysteria' in US.
  • Weeping releases a chemical that reduces sexual arousal in men. The chemical releases a signal that says they are not interested in romance at the moment, which men instinctively respond to by shutting down feelings of arousal.
  • Having sex can reduce a fever because of the sweat produced.
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