• It's possible for a woman's vagina to literally fall out. This is called "pelvic prolapse."
  • Watching porn causes blood flow to decrease in almost every part of the brain that is not responsible for sexual arousal.
  • Orgasms can cause bad breathe for women.
  • Women who associate with males frequently find that their periods become shorter and more regular.
  • The German word for "nipple" is "brustwarze" which literally means "breast wart".
  • Beaver testicle and vaginal follicles have been used in traditional medicines for centuries, as well as some brands of perfume.
  • The smallest human penis in record history was just 5/8 of an inch long.
  • As embryos, the first thing that develops is our anus.
  • Men are biologically more attracted to women with big butts because this indicates fertility.
  • Masturbation clears nasal congestion.
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