Adult and Non Veg Men and Women Trivia Restricted

Men and women are capable of reaching orgasm by kissing.
Men and women are capable of reaching orgasm by kissing.
Short women are more feminine than tall women because of their high estrogen levels, causing men to biologically find them more attractive.
Women suffer from more nightmares than men, but men are more likely to dream of sexual intercourse.
When a woman is attracted to a man, she speaks in a higher pitch than normal.
17% of women struggle with porn addiction. Only 10% of men do!
The average human has seven sex fantasies in a day.
Women are more likely to have nightmares while men are more likely to dream about sex.
Men say the thong is the sexiest article of lingerie. Women think it's the bra.
The female brain is much more adept at reading the subtle facial and verbal emotional expressions.
Nipples stimulate the same area of the female brain as genitals do.


Chastity - the most unnatural of all the sexual perversions, he added parenthetically, out of Remy de Gourmont.


"Transient Global Amnesia" is the technical term for that feeling of a wiped memory after good sex.


He was a very clumsy lover... so the girl had to put him in her place.