• Humans aren't the only ones who perform oral sex. Cheetahs, hyenas and goats all go down.
  • When mating, the male octopus tears off his arm (the one that's also a penis), places it in the female, and then swims off to die.
  • Male dolphins have been known to keep females hostage and not feed them until the female agrees to have sex with them.
  • Bats have been witnessed engaging in oral sex. Researchers say they may use this to help their partners last longer.
  • Male llamas have a separate set of fighting teeth. They are used to attack and bite the testicles off of other males.
  • Female Stingrays have the ability to store sperm for long periods of time to become pregnant whenever they want.
  • Female koalas often engage in lesbian orgies when kept in captivity.
  • Penguins have one mate throughout their entire life and sometimes they `propose` by giving their mate a pebble.
  • Seahorses will flirt with as many as 25 potential partners in a day. About 37% of a seahorse's sexual encounters involve the same sex.
  • The males of some species create a "mating plug" after sex which prevents other males from having sex with the same female.
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