• Some species of whale are able to have sex with dolphins. The products are referred to as 'wholphins'.
  • After pandas mate, the females chase the males out of their territory and raise the cubs on their own.
  • A male lobster's bladder is located in it's head. And when two males fight, they squirt each other in the face with urine.
  • A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth from up to seven miles away.
  • A sea slug that is able to detach, re-grow and then re-use its penis has surprised scientists.
    Japanese researchers observed the bizarre mating behaviour in a species called Chromodoris reticulata, which is found in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Male cats have over 100 tiny spikes on their penises.
  • Female hyenas have a pseudopenis. This is basically a very enlarged clitoris.
  • The mouth of a jellyfish is also the anus.
  • Intercourse between rattlesnakes can last up to 20 hours.
  • Female duck's vagina contains multiple "dead ends" to help them protect against rape.
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