• Egyptian women would insert stones into their vagina to prevent pregnancy.
  • 25% of Swedish women have had sex with more than fifty men.
  • 16 years and 2 months is the average age at which a female in the U.S. loses her virginity.
  • In Guam, there's a full time, paid job for men to "help" women lose their virginity since virgins are not allowed to get married.
  • In Stockholm, those in need can call a "condom ambulance," a vehicle that will deliver a 10-pack of condoms to your door.
  • A punishment in Ancient Greece for adulterous men was the insertion of a large radish into the rectum.
  • The mating ritual of the Sloth, including foreplay, takes place and finishes within 5 seconds.
  • Cupid was a symbol of pedophile love in ancient Greece.
  • In the Netherlands, it is illegal to stand next to a member of the opposite sex while carrying your underwear.
  • In Ancient Ireland, subjects would routinely suck on their king's nipples to demonstrate their submission.
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