• Elena Marinova, a Bulgarian woman, survived a vicious, front-end car crash thanks to her enormous boobs.,br> A police expert explained that the 40DD silicone implants absorbed the impact of the crash. The expert was quoted as saying, "They worked just like airbags by protecting the victim's ribs and vital organs from damage."
  • Robert Stewart, a man from West Scotland was placed on the sex offenders' register after admitting a sexual breach of the peace. Labelled "cycle-sexualist", he was caught half-naked in a compromising position with his bicycle in a hotel room.
  • Lipstick during the Egyptian times was used by women who specialized in oral sex. They wanted their lips to look more inviting.
  • The earliest same-sex wedding ceremony performed was in 65 A.D. The mad Pontiff Nero crowned all his other debauches by a same-sex marriage. Nero married a male look-alike of his murdered wife Poppaea Sabina.
  • Objectophilia is the sexual or romantic attraction to an inanimate object.
  • A Scottish study found that people had an easier time speaking in public after an orgasm.
  • It took 35 policemen armed with AK 47's to rescue a shaved orangutan that was being used as a sex slave in a Borneo brothel.
  • A 16-year old boy died after masturbating 42 times without stopping in Rubiato town, in Goias region, Brazil.
  • America exported $124,021,998.00 worth of dairy cow semen in 2011.
  • Sperm is highly effective at treating wrinkles. Many anti-aging products are using materials similar to sperm because of how well it works.
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