• Studies have found that scratching your ankle can feel as good as sex and that the ankle is the most satisfying spot to scratch.
  • In Bali, twins would often marry each other. It was assumed they had sex as foetuses.
  • Daggering is a form of dance in Jamaica that incorporates sexual and other forms of frantic movement. It often features acrobatic stunts where one partner leaps from a height onto the other dance partner and then commences to engage in exaggerated simulated sexual intercourse.
  • Penis enhancement surgery is free in Cuba.
  • The world's most pierced man has 453 piercings - 278 of them are on his penis and testicles.
  • 'Infantilism' is the desire to wear diapers and be treated like a toddler for sexual pleasure.
  • Oculolinctus is the process of licking someone's eyeball for sexual pleasure.
  • Sperm cells actually have a sense of smell.
  • During the 1700s, 20% of all women in London were prostitutes.
  • The first rubber condoms were very thick and made to be washed out and reused.
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