• n Cali, Columbia it is a law for the bride's mother to be in the room to witness the act of sex on her wedding night.
  • Ernest Hemingway and Benjamin Franklin both enjoyed writing while naked.
  • Some animals (such as chickens) have the ability to recognize sexually attractive humans.
  • 'Kancho' is a prank in Japan that consists of jabbing your fingers into someone's anus.
  • A person is actually normal if he doesn't ejaculate during orgasm. Though some women do, "female ejaculation" is most likely just fluid from the paraurethral glands or urine.
  • Clomipramine is a drug that causes you to orgasm whenever you yawn.
  • A 'hybristophiliac' is a person who is aroused by or attracted to dangerous criminals and murderers.
  • To 'bobbitt'[ means to cut off one's penis. This term came about after a man named "John Wayne Bobbitt" has his cut off by his wife.
  • People who suffer from "coital cephalagia" experience headaches every time they have an orgasm.
  • It's normal to let out vaginal farts (known as 'queefs' or 'varts') during sex.
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