• In a German village called Fuggerei, the rent hasn't been raised since 1520-it costs just 88 euro cents to live there for an entire year.
  • Scientists concluded that the chicken came first not the egg: because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens.
  • Rabbits can't see directly in front of their nose but can see behind them.
  • There are only two distinct species of elephants left in the world: The African elephant and the Asian elephant.
  • When running, cheetahs use their tail to steer, like a rudder for a boat.
  • A Zebra's stripy coat disperses more than 70% of incoming heat, preventing the animal from overheating in the African sun.
  • Baboons do not have tails that grip to climb so they spend more time on the ground.
  • Thantophobia: the fear of losing someone you love.
  • The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 psi, which is 3 times the pressure in car tires.
  • Zarf: the cardboard sleeve on a coffee cup.