• The South Canyon underground coal fire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado has been burning since 1910.
  • Switzerland is rigged with over 3,000 demolition points to collapse bridges and create bomb shelters in case of an attack.
  • The U.S. has less than 5% of the world's population, but holds nearly 25% of the world's prison and jail population.
  • Due to the high amount of mercury in Lake Michigan, more than 40% of the fish are born autistic and do not survive their first year.
  • Lake Hillier in Australia is bright pink in colour and scientists aren't sure about the reason for this unique phenomenon.
  • Almost three fourths of all the fresh water in the world is in Canada.
  • There are no clocks in Las Vega's gambling casinos.
  • Niue, a small Polynesian island country in the southwest pacific, is the world's first "WiFi Nation", with free wireless internet access available throughout the entire country.
  • Tipping is 'actively discouraged' in New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.
  • Rio de Janerio is rated as the happiest city in the world, followed by Sydney (Australia) and Barcelona.