• 99% of the energy produced in Norway is renewable and clean!
  • In the Netherlands, cafes and coffee shops are the not the same thing. Both sell coffee but 'coffee shops' also sell marijuana.
  • Costa Rica is the only country in the Western hemisphere that doesn't have any military.
  • In Kentucky, there are 4.8 million barrels of Bourbon whiskey and only 4.2 million people.
  • 5 of the world's top 20 bakeries are in Auschwitz, Poland.
  • Fidel Castro egged by Che Guevara raised Cuba's national literacy rate from 60% to 96% within one year in 1961.
  • George Washington predicted the USA would only last for 20 years.
  • The country of Japan is made up of 8,652 different islands.
  • The longest bar in the world is 684 feet long and is located at the New Bulldog in Rock Island, Illinois.
  • The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota (USA) has no central heating system. All the heat is generated by people, lighting, and skylights.