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Upcoming Fun and Humour Previews

    • When Parents Overuse Technology - FilterCopy When Parents Overuse Technology - FilterCopy
      Parents and technology are a cute combination till the time they use it when required. The moment they try to use it in every situation possible, it becomes very difficult for their kids and the people around them to survive.<br>Director: Keenan Burroughs<br>Writer: Keenan Burroughs and Nishaad Javeri
    • TVF's Shaadi Ka Bhoot TVF's Shaadi Ka Bhoot
      Have you ever felt the presence of a supernatural passion in your parents? Have you ever noticed that once you’re ripe, your parents start to behave weirdly? Have you ever seen the Shaadi ka Bhoot?<br> Written by Vikas Sharma, Shubham Mishra<br>Directed by Palash Vaswani<br>Cast: Sudhir Kumar, Lubna Salim, Jitendra Kumar, Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Shreyasi Sharma, Sonpari
    • Girliyapa's Ladkiyon Ki Houseparty Girliyapa's Ladkiyon Ki Houseparty
      Ever made exotic new year plans only to sit at home and party? Well, a house party with your closest friends need not be boring! Watch this video and welcome the new year with a bang.<br>Written by Archana Singh<br>Directed by: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum<br>Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Barkha Singh, Mehek Mehra<br>and Srishti Chaturvedi
    • TSP's If Politicians Were Call Centre Employees TSP's If Politicians Were Call Centre Employees
      What would happen if our popular Politicians worked in Call Centres? How would they serve the general public? What advice would they give us and how would they solve our problems? Watch the video and find out!<br>Written by Sachin Singhla<br>Directed by Abhinav Anand<br>Jitendra Kumar, Shivankit Parihar, Sachin Negi, Nikhil Vijay, Aakash Chaturvedi, Shreyasi Sharma, Aditi Singh, Nitesh Bhadadra
    • When You Don't Know If She Likes You When You Don't Know If She Likes You
      "Will she like this shirt?"<br>"Will she notice my new haircut?"<br>"Should I ask her out for coffee?"<br>Many such questions keep haunting you when you really like someone and wish that the other person has the same feelings for you. This video goes out to all the confused guys who are still wondering if she likes them.<br>Cast: Aisha Ahmed, Ayush Mehra, Viraj ghelani<br>Director: Nayana Shyam