Tug of War - WWE Wrestlers vs A Lion Cub

This Tug of war between three professional WWE wrestlers - Fabian Aichner, Killian Dain, Ricochet, and Axelle the lioness (2.5 year old) has a slightly unexpected outcome
The video shows visitors cheering as three WWE NXT stars take on the young lioness, behind a cage. "She`s not moving," Ricochet said, as he gave up trying to get the 250-pound lion to budge.
The activity was set up by zookeepers to provide stimulation for its big cats. "We try to simulate what they would do out in the natural environment. It is tough, they have to forage for food, compete for food, go through long periods of time without food," San Antonio Zoo Director of Public Relations Chuck Cureau said. "Fortunately in a zoo, they`re going to get that food every single day, but we try to vary it up so they don`t get bored."

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